Voxy launches Voxy Music, to learn languages ​​listening to songs

Voxy launches Voxy Music, to learn languages ​​listening to songs

Voxy, the application that teaches English to Spanish and Portuguese speakers, has launched Voxy Music with the aim of using music to speed up teaching.

Use popular songs as content to create fun and interactive English lessons and can even scan the user’s iTunes library to provide additional classes.

We can thus learn vocabulary, idioms, grammar and syntactic structure of the phrases of our favorite songs, something that encourages us to continue using the application to gain more knowledge of this language.

The system has also improved the function of tracking the progress of its students in its web and mobile products. The apps for iOS and Android now sync user progress and activities with their web account, offering personalized analysis and highlighting both their achievements and the areas in which they need to improve.

Voxy, which was born in September 2010, transforms the news we read, the conversations we have and the activities we carry out into contextual lessons available anytime, anywhere, already preparing new languages ​​to expand into new markets.

Link: voxy.com | iTunes | Google play