Voxy - Learn English by spending 3 minutes a day

Voxy – Learn English by spending 3 minutes a day

Manuel Morales introduces me to Voxy, a learning technology that is totally focused on improving the English language within the Hispanic community, which was launched this week during the TechCrunch Disrupt event. We can read about this new product in various reports, such as in the New York Times and on CNN.

CNN’s report on Voxy highlights how we plan to change the world by disrupting the nearly $ 80 billion language teaching market by teaching languages ‚Äč‚Äčthe way it should be taught, using subjects that really they interest you [‚Ķ] It is the only tool that uses real world current affairs to keep students engaged in teaching. (For example: sports, show business, pop culture).

Voxy also uses mobile technology (SMS, iPhone / Android, etc.) and social games to facilitate practice and keep all its users involved in the learning process at all times, being an excellent solution for workers and busy people. who have little free time.

Promising not to occupy more than 3 minutes a day, they offer a very practical robe in our day to day, eliminating the inconveniences: The book is on the table.

[…] We make those 3-minute lessons come to you the most convenient way Рby email, text message, on the web, and with a downloadable app for your smartphone. We want to make it easy for you to start and finish your daily lesson, so that you can quickly return to your hectic daily life. […] With Voxy you can learn in what we call downtime: those moments when we would not normally be doing anything else. In the truck, the subway, waiting in line at the supermarket or anywhere you can play on your phone.

A great idea that starts off on the right foot.