VSCO adds Collections function in VSCO Cam for Android and iOS

Visual Supply Company (VSCO) has updated its VSCO Cam app on Android and iOS by introducing a new feature that enables unprecedented interaction within the VSCO ecosystem. This feature, which you refer to in your ad, is called Collections, which enables users to select those images that they consider interesting from other users to include in their Collections. To do this, they will have tools for searching and discovering content from other artists and creatives, where they should only double-tap those images they wish to include in said Collections.

In addition to the collections, Android has taken the update of the user interface now offering a new design with renewed elements. Likewise, and as is normal, both on Android and iOS, the update has been used to correct those problems and errors found to date.

The new version of VSCO Cam for Android and iOS can already be obtained from the respective application markets, giving users access to the new feature, in which, according to Joel Flory, co-founder and CEO of VSCO, They hope to see how the community responds to it, now having the ability to retain VSCO images in their profiles.

For those who want to go deeper into the new feature, VSCO has a video tutorial: