Vye music - Create music playlists in seconds

Vye music – Create music playlists in seconds

There are many options for streaming music, and although the Vye music It is not that it is anything new, it is quite ingenious and functional, so I think it deserves to talk a little about it.

This web application has a very clean and simple interface, which will allow us to search songs by our favorite artists and bands, both by name and by genre, in addition to the fact that, as usual, we suggest related artists in case they could also interest us.

When we find a song we want to hear, we just have to click on it to add it to our playlist, while we are listening to others, in this way we will never waste time.

Regarding the origin of the songs, all are reproduced through Youtube videos, so we will have the opportunity to simultaneously watch the video clips, and all this without having to register at any time, unless we want to save our playlists, then we must log in through our Facebook account.

The truth is that the page has surprised me by how comfortable it is to use, so if you don’t have a Spotify or Grooveshark account yet, you can try this one to see what you think.