Wallaby - Adobe's experimental technology for converting Flash files to HTML files

Wallaby – Adobe’s experimental technology for converting Flash files to HTML files

At Adobe they do not want to be left behind and want jobs done with Flash reach all kinds of possible devices, including those that do not natively support its formats such as Apple devices. And the best way to do it is betting on the HTML conversion of these jobs. That is why they have just launched, in the experimental phase, Adobe wallaby, a cross-platform application developed in Adobe AIR, for which all tothat works made in flash, .fla files, can be easily ported to HTML where they can not only be played on any type of device, and even in WebKit-based browsers, but also can be edited from simple code editors to development environments. From the outset Adobe already warns that not all Flash functions can be ported to HTML, so it must be taken into consideration. To use this application, just download it from its official website and install it on the system. Once the user executes said application, it will ask the user to indicate the path of the FLA file to be converted, being able to configure the few available preferences: Once the FLA file is indicated, it can be converted, for which it will ask the location to save the resulting html file to the local hard disk. It may arise that during the conversion, the .FLA file cannot be converted, so the reason is indicated in the bottom four of the application. In my case, I have downloaded a series of .fla files from different sites and it has been impossible for me to convert them since all of them have given me an incompatibility error, so I will have to wait for the technology to mature and to convert any file .fla with this application. Link: Adobe Flash Wallaby | Goes