Wantlet - list items you wish to have and get them with the help of friends

Wantlet – list items you wish to have and get them with the help of friends

Some web services have passed through here that allow us to create our own lists of those products and services that we want to receive, but what we find in Wantlet it goes much further. Wantlet is a social platform that allows us to create lists, both public and private, of those things we want to obtain, allowing interaction with our followers, since on this platform we can follow other users and vice versa independently, as happens on Twitter and in the odd social network. To get our account at Wantlet We will only obtain it by identifying ourselves through Facebook, and once our position is obtained and located, I suppose that through our IP, we can now search for articles to add to our lists, using the search engine, popular articles, outstanding ones, and even from the stream of articles added by users that we follow in their lists. Some users will also be recommended to us about our activity that might interest us. The best of everything comes in which each article added to any of our lists, has a series of interaction elements that allow us to comment, locate, share the URL related to the article, related desired articles and images, and even know offers and places where to carry out the possible purchase. Undoubtedly, an interesting platform where we expose what we would like to have, and with the help of the community, be able to buy it in the best possible conditions, or on the contrary, rectify and buy a much better product, or whatever may happen. Goes: Arctic Startup