Wavium, a new platform to have a blog with a newsletter included

If you want to have a blog and get subscribers who receive the content by email, pay attention to a new option that just came out of the oven.

This is Wavium, an extremely simple platform that allows us to customize the header, write an article and manage subscribers.

Its objective is not to compete with giants like WordPress or Medium and to have a simple system that allows the sending of newsletters without depending on great solutions such as mailchimp or acrelianews, and that does not need plugins or payments for each new sending.

Wavium offers the possibility of receiving a CSV file for importing subscribers, and allows each of them to cancel their subscription from the same body of the email.

Its clean design stands out, both on the web and in email, although at the moment it is very bare of additional options: no own domain, no exclusive content for paying subscribers, no templates to customize design, no options to improve SEO …

In this video it is possible to see how it is used and what it looks like, making it clear that it is a first version that was born after only two months of development. If the project is successful, they may continue to add new features to, who knows, be able to compete with the big boys and offer a paid newsletter solution that many publishers have been asking for for a long time.

Link: getwavium.com