Ways to know the time around the world

For those who travel constantly or for those who are about to enjoy their vacations on the other side of the world, the Internet is the perfect tool to not get lost in this time changes.

Time.es detects where your computer comes from and instantly communicates the exact time of the place where you are, in addition to the weather, humidity, longitude and latitude; in turn, it compares your local time with the most relevant cities.

Timeticker is a flash clock that lets you see the time anywhere in the world just by passing the mouse over the world map and clicking on the area you are interested in checking.

Timezonecheck, with three large clocks at the top of the page, one of them being the local time that your computer marks, it shows you the most important cities on a map and if you pass the mouse over the map it will indicate the time of the place in the clock in the middle of the head, the third tells you the solar time, if any.

Qlock is the simplest application that we will mention, as simple as passing the mouse pointer or indicating the city in its search box and you have the answer.

Daylightmap, unlike Qlock, is, at first glance, somewhat more complicated but much more curious: when you enter it marks the cities that are sleeping on the world map and which are still in daylight, it lets you include markers in the places that interests you through various methods and save your changes in the browser.

A list to expand the options that we have already discussed here.

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