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We explain what the Carbon Nanotubes found in human lungs are

To understand what carbon nanotubes are, reserve 4 minutes of your time and take a look at this video that we recorded a few months ago, where we talked about both nanotubes and nanobugs:

Now that you know what it is, it will be easier to understand the problem: A team of researchers from a university in Paris has found this type of substance in the lungs of 64 children, all of them with asthma.

Are carbon nanotubes responsible for asthma? We are facing a problem similar to that produced by asbestos.

Although many questions still need to be answered, everyone seems to agree on one thing: carbon nanotubes are not toxic to humans, as they are so small that they cannot fix just as asbestos fibers do. The problem is that in some of the 64 children, nanotubes have been found inside macrophages, cells of the immune system that are located in the tissues and that, among other things, clean the lungs. Is that possibly hurting your mission? We don't know yet.

Nanotubes, as we explained in the video, are increasingly common in our day to day, and are also present in car exhausts, so we will have to carry out many analyzes to ensure that they do not affect us in nothing.