We visit Campus Party Valencia # cpes15

We visit Campus Party Valencia # cpes15

As you already know WWWhats new is one of the collaborating communities of this edition of Campus Party Valencia, so we wanted to take the opportunity to drop us by the event to meet you in person and attend some of the talks more interesting about web, mobile and social media tools. Here we leave you a small summary of the most interesting that was dealt with there:

How to be the next Angry Birds?

The first presentation we were able to attend was that of Julien Fourgeaud, Product Manager and Business Development from Rovio, the company behind the bestselling smartphone Angry Birds, and also from Bad Piggy Bank, a new credit system for mobile games, which will allow Android users to remove ads and gain other privileges. The talk focused on those key points that had made Angry Birds great, and on how startups can create a hit using its resources wisely. In this way he explained that the transition from the mouse to the touch screen was clearly the differentiating element in this type of catapult games whose mechanics were so exploited in flash that it made them seem little innovative. But it was precisely this simplicity that made casual gamers or non-gamers come to download it. He also nuanced the importance of marketing and the use of social networks when promoting new technological projects, since they themselves tried to include their game, at first, in the AppStore with poor results, which led them to try to make it the most downloaded in some less competitive markets such as Finnish or the Greek. Surprisingly, with no more than 100 downloads in each country, the title reached number one in 6 European countries, which was achieved through friends and a little aggressive networking, if we take into account the number of friends we have on Facebook, Twitter. , etc. From that moment on, Apple itself contacted them to promote the game through its AppStore and the rest of the story we all know. It was undoubtedly a master lesson in how the power of the internet and social media can be decisive for a good idea to be a game changer.

Your engineering: Telco 2.0

Another of the keynote talks we had the honor to attend was that of Erik Schultink, Director of Information Technology (CTO) de Tuenti, former Facebook engineer and co-founder of the now defunct political social network Essembly.com. Erik spoke at length about TU, the new social mobile operator of Movistar (formerly Telefnica), which integrates mobile phone services in Tuenti, so that adolescents can have more affordable rates, while they can always be connected with their friends through their social network, since calls and messages from YOU to YOU ‚Äč‚Äčare free. In this way, Movistar will take advantage of its infrastructure to offer a communication system that will finally differentiate itself from Facebook, including such interesting features as, voicemail or SMSs integrated in Tuenti, and that they can be seen and heard as if they were private messages, not to mention that we can also control our call history from our profile and chat everything we want, and more, through your social network. Undoubtedly an interesting path, although foreseeable, the one that the Spanish company is taking.

Internet 2011. Ten years after the bubble

To finish, in the afternoon we attended this round table in which speakers of the stature of: Marc Corts, Miguel Pereira, Mauro Fuentes, Francesc Grau, Jos Llinares and Eduard Corral They illustrated us with their vision of the boom and possible bubble created around social media. To tell the truth, this talk gave a lot of itself, and it was talked mainly about Twitter and Facebook (topics that interest us especially) and above all about how the crisis and other natural factors has accelerated the massive incorporation of users to web 2.0, who have gone from a passive role (reading news) to providing content and opinion through the two platforms we just mentioned. There were opinions of all kinds, but above all it was clear the enormous potential of these media as advertising platform to influence consumers, something in which bloggers also occupy a prominent role. In addition, it became clear that the number of followers or fans is nothing more than a mirage and that companies should mainly focus on taking advantage of this excellent communication route to reach their customers and use them passively as is currently being done. Some really interesting reflections, which gave us a lot to think about our way of acting on the net.


As always the Campus Party is not disappointing anyone, and there is a lot of everything, but above all: internet, social media and startups, which makes it the ideal environment for entrepreneurs and technology lovers Get together to learn and look for new business opportunities.If you are passionate about this world and you have the opportunity to drop by Valencia before the 17th, we recommend that you attend or else you can always follow all the conferences and events through the streaming channel of your website We leave you with the summary video that we created for you:See you at # cpes15!