Web resources to know and improve the world

Both in the category of traveling and in Improving the world, I have been publishing in recent years an infinity of resources that can help us to know our planet better and take care of it if we want to continue on it.

Here you have a collection of links of those that have caught my attention.

– Redex: Project with an objective as noble as it is difficult: to recover and reinvent more humane and closer cities, regenerating neighborhoods and streets where to live and share.

– Open Planet Ideas: Sony and WWF project that proposes to unite the ideas of all those who have something to contribute to the subject.

– Zoombu: List with the most ecological, cheapest and fastest routes to get to the right place in Europe.

– Kirima: Educational project subsidized by the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs of Spain, aimed at students of the Second Cycle of Early Childhood Education. Its objective is to raise awareness about the problems of climate change and provide students with strategies to find solutions, covering aspects related to energy saving, responsible consumption, recycling or reuse of products.

– Obis Seamap: Research project that aims to provide a complete database with sightings of different animal species related to the sea: seabirds, turtles and aquatic mammals (whales, dolphins), to observe how they respond to climate change or the presence of man.

– Interactive animation of the quality of services in different countries of the world.

– Ziudad.es: Project that allows us to register our complaints regarding the problems we experience in different Spanish cities.

– Where to recycle: Service that allows us to locate Clean Points and recycling areas within Spain, also serving as a platform for environmental complaints.

– protectedplanet.net: search engine, created by the UN, with more than 150,000 protected natural places on the planet, using the latest satellite images of protected areas such as national parks and marine reserves

– aquapedia.es: Portal where we can find information about water: origin, history, uses, cycle, etc. with consumption simulator.

– Explore our Planet: Web that integrates Google Maps with dozens of information of interest related to the weather, earthquakes, CO2, etc.

– Photo complaint: GreenPeace joins the 2.0 movement and has a portal from which anyone can send photos denouncing activities against the environment.

– Make Me Sustainable: The site will give you tips so that, using an environmental calculator, you can reduce consumption and improve your pocketbook, while the planet is thanking you.

– PlayGreen: Allows users to write and edit articles related to the green world. From how to build flashcards for students in a school to tips on recycling, there is everything.

Do not forget to visit some tools to improve traffic in our cities, a list that I published just a couple of weeks ago.