Websites that help find lost items

Websites that help find lost items

For today’s list we have prepared a number of applications and websites that can help us recover lost items using the Internet. These types of projects have not been very successful in the past, here at We have already commented on dozens that have ceased to exist, so we will try to keep this list updated with the new options that appear. Also remember to take a look at 5 Apps to find your Android or iPhone if it has been lost or stolen and in 4 apps to find a stolen laptop.


We can add all the data referring to the lost or found object, upload the corresponding image and locate it geographically, leaving the record publicly so that it is easy to find it from search engines or transmit it on social networks.


You can set a reward for the person who searches and finds the object in question, filtering by country and city to facilitate the work.


It is a platform, based on a Google Maps map, where users can register a marker in a certain area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe map, where we have either lost the camera or have found it. An idea somewhat more sophisticated than, with the same objective.


A system based on identifying our most precious objects with physical labels. When someone finds it, they will have to inform the website, which will have the labels of each of its users registered.