WeGoOut allows us to discover events near us

What events are near us? Will our friends be there? WeGoOut has just updated both its mobile application for iOS and its web version, thus giving us the possibility to find events geolocated through the map, being able to discover events near our location, see images of them, and interact with guests, being able to know if our friends or even people of reference are, among other data.

Focused on nightlife in the Latin American market although with the desire to expand internationally, WeGoOut is available in both Portuguese and English, integrating both Facebook and Foursquare, as well as its own registration system (checkins) that includes ratings. The IceBreaker function will allow us establish communications with other attendees at the same parties.

It is expected that in early 2013 its application for Android terminals will come out, thus complementing its version for iOS and its mobile web version. In addition, among the plans is the inclusion of marketing tools with the aim of helping promoters interact with the public through different commercial initiatives, through offers and other actions.

Link: WeGoOut | Goes: TNW