What a Community Manager should NEVER do on a social network

What a Community Manager should NEVER do on a social network

Nobody is free to make mistakes, the problem is that at the present time, mistakes are public and they are the ones who build reputation step by step. This, as we all know, has become the fundamental pillar that supports not only the evolution of the businesses and therefore the final figures and sales volumes of the brands, but what is more important still; trust and commitment. For the new professionals, those derived from social journalism or journalism 2.0, the key is to promote this triangle; fidelity- commitment- trust, essential sustenance of the social fabric. Thus, create, grow and feed a community, identify through active listening, the demands of users and ensure that they are linked in such a way that the brand grows thanks to the promotion that its followers make of it, they are the bases that sustain a new profession, highly demanded; the Community Manager.

Avoiding confusion

It is essential not to think that by being empathetic and being always available, success is guaranteed that Community Managers are not only public relations of the brand, but they must also be good strategists and analysts, in order to optimize social platforms and social statistics. traffic inherent to the brand they represent and it is a very frequent mistake to see how new professionals greatly simplify the actions that have to be carried out in order to consolidate a branding campaign or a marketing strategy.

The essential numbers

Statistics are stored for one purpose; ensure that those responsible for the promotion of the brand know the profile of the user who follows them on social networks. It is only through the interpretation of the numbers that strategies can be planned whose return on investment is optimal, for which it is essential to humanize the numbers in order to achieve the commitment of an increasing number of users attracted by the It is essential, on the other hand, to be aware that a Community Manager is an ambassador, is the ambassador of the social Web and common sense, his capacity for analysis, research and generation of diverse opinions that promote the dialogue on which the reputation online, are your main responsibilities.

Specifying the concepts

What does it mean to be the ambassador of the social cycle? … fundamentally, a Community Manager must be a professional adapted to change, attentive and always willing to be part of the dynamism inherent in the network and on the other hand, must consolidate its respectability not in vain is the visible face of the brand. Starting from this fundamental premise, we can establish and specify the always abstract and general concepts with which a Community Manager is defined, indicating that; Common sense is the key to success, so what should never be done is limited to the field of transparency, commitment and honesty. We make a turning point at this point to analyze the reasons why many Community Managers fail in their actions, which can seriously undermine the consolidation of the reputation associated with the brand.Give us for reflection the reasons behind the current economic situation invite us to think that the lack of values, the individualism that resulted in the disintegration of the community concept.

Commitments that are broken, lies that win trials, human rights that do not exist

Yes, perhaps after the inflection point we will be able to apply common sense by stating that a lack of commitment and no respect for human rights is what today has no place in the social fabric, which identifies, selects and defines what he wants for the society with which he advances.It is more than evident that any lack of commitment, any lightness in the link with quality and ultimately, the very idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseeking profit in terms of power and money, will be rejected by a heterogeneous and horizontal model that have efficiency as a joint objective.

What should not a community manager do?

Do not accept their own mistakes or those of the brand, whatever the internal area of ‚Äč‚Äčresponsibility – the Community manager is the visible face of the brand, if something does not work and a user expresses and reasons it in the community, the Community Manager cannot Acting as if the comment had not occurred, it is not only that it is a lack of responsibility and ethics of such magnitude that it speaks for itself, but also the viral nature of social networks makes it unthinkable that a negative comment about a brand will not spreads immediately, everything spreads immediately, so in addition, having performed a totally wrong action, your reputation is further damaged as users know what happened. Common sense must again prevail in order to avoid incurring in laziness, in a lack of quality of customer service and one of the most common causes of failure in CM actions; not rectify immediately when the error is common sense, it is an attack against the branding of the brand and the magnitude and dimension of not rectifying an error on the social Web, it threatens reputation. However, accept the criticism and continue towards ahead showing new areas of quality, making a specific effort to increase the trust that has been damaged and, facing any dissatisfied user by applying corrective measures that are linked to justice, allowing the brand to recover from the setback thanks to a Committed Community Manager who applied common sense The worst thing that can be done in a cycle in which the opinion leader concept is gaining specific weight, immersed in a structure that does not require rulers but leaders who are committed to offering them the most efficient solution to their needs, is to keep silent or invent any excuse of any kind, users of the social Web, today’s prosumers are today, much more ex In the face of an error and regardless of the internal treatment that the brand has of the same and its defects, they demand it as they have never been, the commitment to the construction of an efficient social network and always betting on the highest quality, An efficient Community Manager will prepare a public apology to his community, offer an acceptable solution and continue with his work, ending the issue and informing his community that the brand is transparent, committed and responsible, a brand that generates trust, finally. We must not forget that in the crisis there is the opportunity, the Community Manager profession begins to be seen more clearly in the present moment, trial error has been the tactic most used by a model that focuses on constant training and permanent quality, obtaining more and more committed and prepared users.

Error test, through which the knowledge that professionals who work as Community Manager must have are clearly identified … Error test, through which aspects of the personality rooted in time are filed, we must not forget that the greatest Some of the brands are accustomed to doing business in the traditional economy and there is no doubt that the social model is governed by other values ‚Äč‚Äčand without them, it simply does not work. Finally, I test error through which actions and reactions are identified that they build the values; commitment, trust and quality.

Finally, a Community Manager can never do is minimize a fact, not be responsible for it, we must not forget that it is the figure that generates trust. The social actions of the person on whom the Community Manager falls, is highly exposed and doubly pressured, by the community and by the brand, apply common sense and develop temperance to deal with the stress associated with the profession that is exercised permanent and unlimited or limited by schedules, a Community Manager must always be ready and for this he must know his community perfectly – to serve a user, it is by generating trust that the network is being built. new professions be because the transit through the social web is equivalent to the need to become more efficient?