What cannot be missing from your iPad

If you have just purchased an iPad and have problems deciding which of the thousands of applications to install on the device, here is a list that, from my point of view, cannot be missed.


It is important to have an application that allows us to register our obligations, synchronizing the data with a web account to be able to access them from anywhere. Of all the options, I recommend the new and shiny version of Remember The Milk (presented today). On the other hand, to record notes, with images and texts, you can not stop installing Evernote. Finally, in this category, You can’t stop installing Dropbox, a perfect option to sync files between multiple devices.


If you already have a list of sources registered in a feed reader, you can use Feeddler, with an aesthetic very similar to that of Google Reader, Feedly, with a somewhat more sophisticated look, or FlipBoard, capable of generating real online newspapers from your registered sources. If you do not have a list of sources, you can always use the iPad versions of newspapers such as elpais, for example.


If, like me, you love to enjoy the world of photography, I recommend that you take a look at the LIFE app, with collections classified by country, Getty Images, with thousands of images of the most varied subjects or the iPhone version of Flickr (there is not yet for iPad, although I do not think it will take long, and there are many good iPad apps that use their database).

Social networks

Since Facebook does not yet have an official application for iPad (s for Iphone), you can use the well-known Friendly for Facebook. Twitter does have an application for iPad, although in this case I personally prefer to use the Hootsuite or TweetDeck version.


Without a doubt, the iPad version of Skype is my favorite, although imo.im is also essential when connecting to different messaging systems. As far as games are concerned, I do not comment on anything, since it would be too subjective and the amount of options is so great that you will not have to make any fair judgment. Google Earth, Kindle, PS Express, Magic Piano, Qwiki … there are many other wonders difficult to classify. Now I prefer that you be the ones who comment on those apps without which your iPad will not be the same.