What Facebook is doing to increase your safety

What Facebook is doing to increase your safety

Facebook announces a collaboration with Web of Trust, a free and secure browsing tool that shows us the web pages that we can trust, using the evaluations of other members of the WoT community. Each link shared on Facebook will be examined by WoT to warn if it is spam or contains some type of Malware. On the other hand, they comment on what we can do to protect ourselves from Clickjacking.

Spams use the browser vulnerability to trick users into clicking a hidden button in the Like functionality that creates a story that is shared on your friends’ news board. A type of protection that we have used recently alerts users if they are being misled, then you will have to confirm your choice I like it, if we consider the activity on this web page suspicious.

As a security measure they also add Two-Factor authentication, which requires entering a code that is sent to the mobile phone (SMS), every time we enter Facebook from a new or unrecognized computer.

If you enter from an unrecognized device, the next time you want to access, we will inform you about this and ask you to verify the attempt to access the account. If you don’t recognize this entry, you can change your password, knowing that while someone might have known your entry details, they were unable to access your account and cause damage.

For more information you can access the Facebook Security Page.