What impresses me about Gangnam Style is not its billion views on YouTube

I guess by now you already know that the famous video Gangnam Style It has been the first to reach a billion views on YouTube, an impressive and historical number, without a doubt, without babies, without cats, without fingers bitten by brothers, without songs by teenagers in a car … billion achieved in five months, that’s really surprising.

We already suspected when we saw this video showing how searches on the platform have evolved from August to November, a video in which it seems that there is nothing else in the world other than Korean and its famous equine dance

And if the video doesn’t surprise you enough, here is the graph showing the evolution of Gangnam Style compared to Bieber’s famous Baby:

Graph released today on the Google Spain Blog

Trying to understand why these videos go so high is a virtually impossible task, although most have the same ingredients. Let’s remember:

2012 – Gangnam Style

2011 – Rebecca Black Friday


And if we keep going backwards: Susan Boyle, in 2009.

Music, that’s the common ingredient, catchy music and, if possible, from someone not very well known. It has to cause laughter, a very positive or very negative feeling, something that is seen 10 times and does not tire, for better or for worse, that can be worn at parties and that people laugh, even if they do not like what they see nor what I hear.

So now you know, to get the guitar out and for 2013.

We leave you now with the infographic on the billion video visits, presented by wordstream.com and published on mashable today: