What is Google ADWORDS remarketing and what is it for?

What is Google ADWORDS remarketing and what is it for?

Associate an idea like the remarketing, the technique that focuses its efficiency on offering users what they have identified with after analyzing their search habits, until you click on an ad and the relationship with the brand and the efficiency of Adwords is loyal. And although remarketing has the strength of starting loyalty from a previous interest in the brand shown by the user, Google implements it as an optimization in its Adwords advertising scheme, as a final step to achieve a purchase or loyalty in some way. shape with brand. The suggestions appear on the search engine display and the expected results are really impressive.

But what is the reason

Well, let’s go local; Let’s imagine the amount of information that users perceive in their interaction on the Internet, which although it is true, takes place in a kind of routine, immersed in the community to which they belong. Although, each event, news, statistical data or novelty, supposes a vortex of information and access to new brands, new options, an ever-increasing competition, helping users to remember that once they visit a Web that initially interests them, it is highly efficient in terms of segmentation, the more concentrated the advertising is on the demanding public, the more efficient any campaign will be. Remarketing is a strategy widely used by brands on the Internet, User monitoring allows comprehensive knowledge of the target audience, which helps us identify new areas of interest and new ways of analyzing diverse topics that invite opinion as part of the growth of quality through originality, innovation and creativity.Remarketing allows brands to follow the needs of their potential customers, Google includes this technique in its advertising system and optimizes it, at a time when advertising is increasingly carried out through the content offered by each brand, in a time in which alliances and synergies are established based on the different reputations and target audiences of other related brands. All this complex framework gives Google Adwords even greater efficiency and, as Yahoo did, it segments its advertising even more, in order to specifically optimize the ROI of the brands, which allows investing more resources in growth and that is precisely what that the network needs, efficient and sustained growth.Designed for virtual stores, designed for community purchases, to attract new users, designed to stand out from fierce competition, so that the user can remember where they were and where they were. way to identify the best offer, the one that best suits your needs.Google remarketing works for all content advertisers in the search engine, helps consolidate online reputation, optimizes any branding campaign, improves advertising revenue due to a higher quality of advertisers and finally, their sales figures increase, ultimately becoming a powerful ally of segmentation and online sales. line, an ally of brands and users, protected by advertising tools and models that are based on the real satisfaction of needs and interests.

What is remarketing a help for users to return to visit a portal they left without completing their loyalty process, thus opening the possibility of making a sale and converting a new customer. What is it for … imagine the multitude of opportunities that underlie such efficient segmentation

Article written byCarolina Velasco, from SHOUT! for WWWhatsnew.com