What is the size of the Internet and how many domains are there?

What is the size of the Internet and how many domains are there?

Who has not asked himself this question at least once. The size of the Internet, certainly not easy to determine, since we are talking about digital information, which is much more complex to size than anything in the analog world. We wrote the article one day when the news of the new extensions that ICANN release until the end of 2012 circulates throughout the web, allowing it to be possible to register any name and use it as an extension (eg: blog.wwwhatsnew or www.ultimas.noticias), leaving the .com, .net, .info and others for those who cannot afford the $ 185,000 that the application will cost (plus the fee of $ 25,000 per year). On this subject you can read more in English, BBC, Reuters and Washington Post, or in Spanish in 20 minutes. Meanwhile we are going to what interests us:

How many websites are there?

The Internet does not have any central control system that allows establishing this type of information, nobody knows exactly how many web pages exist in cyberspace, nor how many of them are added every dayBut, despite everything there are a series of companies and organizations dedicated to the topic of the organization of the Internet, through the domains; The only way that allows establishing the size of the Internet with some accuracy As Mashable says, in the article in which it publishes the graphs that account for the size of the network, they are not infallible or exact data, but they can give us an approximation of what represents the Internet as a structure and platform since its inception, until today

The age of the internet

The oldest registered domain, according to whois.com corresponds to www.symbolics.com and its entry is dated March 15, 1985. We also find several well-known brands among the 10 oldest URLs in the world; such as www.xerox.com and www.hp.com also registered in the same year.

What are the largest domain management companies?

In addition to the government agencies in charge of coordinating and assigning domains on the Internet, according to their own legislation, there are also private companies that are in charge of providing the service for some types of domains. GoDaddy is the network’s largest domain provider and administrator, controlling nearly a third of the market and half of the most successful domains. Following in size and with market shares between 5 and 9% are Enom, Tucows and Network Solutions.

Country code top-level domains or country code top-level domains

A domain that corresponds to this category, also known in English as top level domain or TLD, corresponds to the segment of the URL that follows the point, which, as we all know, can have different terminations, which, in total, reach 324. 291 of them being countries such as .es, .fr, etc. domains Within the TLDs there are also 5 categories that do not have any type of use restriction and are the .com, .net, .biz,, org and. info.

How fast is the Internet growing?

Another complex question, whose answer can give as an indicator the number of new domains registered: In 2009 almost 3.7 million new domains were registered monthly In June 2011, each day more than 150,000 new domains are registered, only in the 5 most common categories, According to VeriSign and DailyChanges.com Regarding the number of URLs created each day, this figure has grown by 21% in the last two years from 3.7 million per month in 2009 to 4.5 million per month in 2011, with an average of 150,000 new URLs per day. .

How many websites are there on the Internet?

Another complex question and, possibly much more difficult to quantify the number of existing web pages, but based on the data that between 1995 to date, the number of registered domains has gone from 15,000 to 350 million, it is possible to make an approximation from Google data, which in 1998 had 26 million pages indexed, a figure that increased to 1 trillion unique pages indexed in 2008, an amount that has undoubtedly multiplied to date. Without a doubt astral quantities that are a clear indicator of the importance , magnitude and scope of the Internet in all aspects of life, more and more, for a greater number of people who interact, communicate, buy, consume and recreate themselves, the largest market in the world is already a reality Welcome to the village global