What's new in AirDroid, the application that connects mobile phones to computers

AirDroid is one of the preferred applications for all those who want to send content from the PC to the mobile and generally manage the device remotely. Now news is coming for both Windows and Mac.

On the one hand they present a widget that we can use in Windows to easily drag content to the mobile. Just drag and drop, ardroid takes care of the rest, sending the material to the connected device, as shown in the diagram above.

In the same widget we can see missed calls, SMS messages and notifications from applications, something similar to what we see with pushbullet.

Screenshot posted on

They have also included an option in the menu of the right mouse button: when we click on a file, the possibility of sending it to any of the connected devices will appear (also the same as with a pushbullet).

In the Mac version they have included new options in the taskbar, and on both platforms they have a new SMS search engine, to find them easily from the computer.

You can install the latest version on, where you will find the files to install on Windows and Mac and the link to Google Play with the corresponding app.