WhatsApp Business brings three features to your website and desktop application

Despite the fact that mobile devices allow you to be in contact at all times, it will always be much more comfortable and pleasant to work from desktops.

In this regard, and on the occasion of the first anniversary of its launch, WhatsApp Business is bringing three of its features so far present only in its mobile application, to WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for desktop.

It's about the Quick Answers, Tag and Chat Filtering. Quick Answers are basically pre-defined answers, that is, written in advance, to offer them immediately to the questions that clients often ask frequently.

Tags facilitate the management and organization of contacts, while Chat Filtering allows, through the use of filters, access to unread messages, groups or broadcast lists.

These additions add to other functions already present in both WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for desktopsuch as absence messages, for those moments when it is not possible to attend to customer requests instantly, or automatic greetings, which will be created to offer them to customers who interact for the first time.

According to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is already used by more than five million companies and businesses. The incorporation of the aforementioned characteristics will enable them to be even more agile and efficient when it comes to relating to their clients.