WhatsApp will allow the integration of stickers from keyboard applications

It was at the end of last October when WhatsApp definitely launched support for stickers in their Android and iOS applications. Until now, users have been forced to install other applications on our mobile devices to obtain additional sticker packs to the few packs that WhatsApp itself has been offering us to start with.

But it seems that the situation will change soon, since from WhatsApp are working to enable users to share stickers to our conversations within WhatsApp directly from third-party keyboard applications, as verified by the well-known publication specialized in this messaging service, WABetaInfo.

The first keyboard application in implementing this possibility be GBoard. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp enabled this possibility on December 12, so that Google can work with it, so at the moment not available to end users.

Those who want to make use of this new possibility right now, for now, they must have an Android device along with the latest beta versions of both WhatsApp and GBoard.

Once finally available, the operation of this integration basically consist of all those stickers Static that are sent from third-party keyboard applications, automatically become compatible stickers within WhatsApp itself.

Hopefully, with this, users will not have to install additional mobile applications (not all users have the capacity for more applications on their devices) to share stickers in our conversations, taking advantage of the functionality of stickers already provided natively by the keyboard applications themselves.

Image Credit: WABetaInfo