WhatsApp will stop supporting Android phones until v2.3.7 and iOS until v7.0 in 2020

We already know that on average, users usually renew their mobile phones every 18 months. Also, iOS users are highly prone to getting the latest version of iOS as it becomes publicly available, provided their devices are supported, resulting in hardly any fragmentation on iOS, especially when compared to existing fragmentation. between versions in the Android ecosystem.

That said, WhatsApp has updated a publication (without an announcement in between) in which it indicates the end dates of the support of its service for different mobile platforms, adding two new mobile platforms that from now on also have their days numbered.

It is about mobile phones to continue with Android Gingerbread until version 2.3.7, and of the iOS phones up to version 7.0. Regarding dates, WhatsApp points out that it stops supporting the mentioned versions for both Android and iOS. after February 1, 2020.

In this regard, users who have said versions after the established date, will be unable to use WhatsApp on their mobile phones in any way, even if they maintain old versions of WhatsApp, since the service will stop support both systems at the API level.

Obviously, the percentage of users who use Android 2.3.7 and earlier, such as iPhone iOS 7 and earlier, is minimal, residual, with the possibility of being reduced even further from here to date.