WhatsApp’s new option will prevent group notifications from being a hassle

WhatsApp groups can be fun or a headache. If you want to be part of a group without dealing with constant notifications, you can try the new WhatsApp option.

At the moment, it is a feature that is in the beta of WhatsApp, but that promises to become one of the favorite options of users.

As mentioned in WaBetainfo, WhatsApp already shows a new option to silence groups: Always. Yes, you can get rid of group notifications forever, as you see in the image:

If you take a look at your WhatsApp account, you will see that the stable version only has three options to silence group notifications, ranging from 8 hours, a week to a year. So within a certain period of time you will have to establish again that you want to mute a certain group. An action that will no longer be necessary with the new WhatsApp option.

On the other hand, another of the novelties found in the beta version is the new storage manager. This manager allows you to apply a series of filters and delete files from the same WhatsApp app to free up space in the mobile storage.

If you want to get these new options, you will have to try your luck by joining the WhatsApp beta program. To do this, search for the WhatsApp app on Google Play and scroll to the bottom (below the description and reviews) the option to become a beta verifier. If there are quotas, they will tell you what steps you must follow to join the program, or you can wait until these news are available in the stable version.