Who, why and how ‚Ä̬¶ The world of Twitter in figures

Who, why and how ‚Ä̬¶ The world of Twitter in figures

If there is a social network that continues to expand incessantly, that is undoubtedly Twitter, the popular microblogging network, the one that increases its number of users every day and is becoming more and more attractive to brands and companies of all sizes, thanks its potential as a marketing and corporate communication tool. Today we comment on an interesting infographic, made by BuySellAds and published on the Anglo site Mediabistro.com and in which information is collected from various reliable sources, to give us a radiograph of what Twitter is today, in which the 140 characters they are maintained, but it allows the propagation and sharing of news, photos, videos and links on the network, among other things.

How many, who and what is shared by Twitter’s radiography as of March 2011:

– 8% of Internet users in the American market use Twitter‚Äď More than 460,000 new Twitter accounts are created every day‚Äď 20.6 million adult users in the United States connect to Twitter at least once a month‚Äď Every day 177 million tweets are sent‚Äď During 2010, mobile Twitter users grew more than 182%

Twitter user profiles in the American market

Woman, of Hispanic origin, in her twenties, with a university education, lives in urban settings and has an income either below 30,000 or in the segment of 50,000 / 75,000 dollars a year This is the profile of the user who has the most predisposition to using Twitter in the American market, but we also have other interesting data based on the percentages of users connected to the Internet who use Twitter: – By gender, women dominate, with 10%, then there are men, who reach 7%. – The Hispanic predominates as the majority ethnic origin, with 18%, followed by the Afro-American population with 13% and in third place by the non-Hispanic white population, with 5%. – The majority age segment is between 18 and 29 years, with 14%, followed by users between 30 and 49 years old, with 7% and in decreasing proportion, the line continues with users between 50 and 64 years old and ends with those over 64 with 4%. – Regarding levels of education, university graduates lead higher years, with 9% of users and with a few tenths less, but in the same percentage, incomplete higher studies. The group of those who have completed secondary education closes the list, with 5% .‚Äď In terms of surroundings and location, urbanites lead, since 11% of Internet users who use Twitter live in cities, followed by those who live in suburban environments and 5% of users from rural areas.‚Äď And in terms of income, 10% of users earn less than $ 30,000 a year, another 10% earn between 50,000 and 74,999, while 6% are among the 30 and 50 thousand dollars a year and a no less negligible 6% of them is above 75,000 dollars a year on his income curve.

What do they use Twitter for?

Most people use Twitter to communicate with their friends; There are other common reasons that differ slightly between men and women, such as updating their status, a majority action among the female collective, while in men, seeking news and information is the majority. Other reasons are to search for information about their work and carry out searches. 72% of people use Twitter to post personal information, 62% usually post about their work, 55% are dedicated to sharing links and information. 54% of them post thoughts about life, 53% habitually retweet the received tweets. 52% send direct messages; 40% share photos, 28% share videos online and 24% tweet where they are.

Twitter connection frequencies

Almost 25% of Twitter users are extremely active, accessing their account and reading received tweets, several times a day. 12% do it once a day, the same percentage as those who do it 1 or 2 times a week, while 5% do it between 3 to 5 days. 7% connect in isolation with a frequency of one visit every several weeks. 20% still connect less and an incredible 21% of users who have a Twitter account never connect.

Effects of tweets

– Only almost 0.05 of Twitter users attract almost 50% of the attention of the messages published via the microblogging network. These 20,000 opinion leaders tend to be extremely popular personalities, media or companies – The most active users on Twitter are undoubtedly the media, but with a very low effect: Only 15% of the tweets received by private users are those that come from the media. – Of the millions of tweets emitted every day, 71% of them do not produce any reaction. – 85% of the forwarded tweets, only do it once

Twitter in the world

According to a recent study published by ComScore, the 10 countries in the world with the highest penetration of Twitter among its users connected to the Internet are: First is the Netherlands, with 26.8%; in second place is Japan with 26.6%, followed by Brazil with 23.7%. In fourth place is Indonesia with 22%, while Venezuela with 21.0% and Canada with 18% occupy the fifth and sixth place. They close the list Argentina with 18%, Turkey with 16.6, the Philippines with 16.1 and Singapore with 16%.

Twitter in the company

Companies, brands and companies of all sizes, origin and productive sector have incorporated Twitter as a contact and promotion platform. A recent study analyzed the presence on Twitter of the top 100 companies present in the Fortune Global 500 to find out what companies are tweeting. largest companies: – 77% of the world’s leading companies have a Twitter account. – In terms of geographical location, 72% of American companies have a Twitter account, the same as 83% of European companies and the 67% of the companies in the Asia Pacific area.‚Äď The top 100 companies in the Fortune Global 500 ranking have an average of 5.8 Twitter accounts through which they post mainly corporate news and news, 88%, 40% offer customer service services, 28% use Twitter to promote offers and 10% to promote available jobs.