Why have Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo been unsuccessful on social media?

Why have Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo been unsuccessful on social media?

A topic that currently gives a lot to talk about, which is handled according to the level of understanding or amount of information that one has on the subject in question. At the same time, it is not strange for most users to have noticed the tremendous growth or impact of the main social networks in our current context, which has demanded, for example, new professional profiles to cover this current communication demand, to name one among many. . This I comment is demonstrated with an article recently published in this blog about the amount of content that is published on the Internet every day, with these infographics it is clearly demonstrated that social networks have greater demand, clearly overshadowing other content. This question is posed on Quora where the goal is to generate higher quality content. Some of the answers to this question have been translated into our language to know how to share them and expand the criteria on this question: Evan bailyn, author of two books on Google and Facebook, comments:

When doing research for my new book, Social Search, I interviewed several people from Google, Facebook and Yahoo on exactly this topic. Someone who knew Larry Page when he was still in school told me that he looked like a human robot.For Larry Page, algorithms are the solution to solve all the problems of a company. Instead Mark Zuckerberg, began to build Facebook in a social environment, a product that requires strong interaction between people That seed has grown into a very solid company and, unsurprisingly, the DNA of sharing and sociability is the defining characteristic of Facebook. I would say the same principle applies to Microsoft, whose DNA is in software (although it managed to successfully demo in hardware with the Xbox), and Yahoo, whose DNA is in directories, search, and email.

Declan dunn, specialist in Social Media strategy comments:

Social media is an example of creative destruction, a revolution. Startups create revolutions, not big companies. Look at the names of three, who in their time were the ones that changed the game; Microsoft changed operating systems and marketed them better than Apple in the early days, Yahoo is a straightforward directory, actually the first form of search, and Google, of course, has reinvented search.

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