Why haven't we seen everything when it comes to social media?

Why haven’t we seen everything when it comes to social media?

As a user, I must admit that the use of social networks has a strength from which it is impossible to abstract; Starting from that comfortable feeling that involves sharing with people who strive to be better than linked to the infinite nature of the social network in terms of benefits and possibilities, it is a reality that the transit through social media can lead to a certain degree of addiction, without fanaticism but social networks are part of our lives and an active part, like the network. As a media professional, social networks offer opportunities for successful business from captain to page if you allow me to express myself and always focus on the aspect of not having the capital inherent in starting a business, traditionally . Its success is undoubted, more than 550 million users on Facebook and 70 million daily tweets, they support it but have social networks reached their maximum level of maturity?… what is the future of social media?… have we already seen everything in relation to the social cycle? In an exercise marked by the debacle of the economic model as we know it, an exercise especially marked by the rebellion of the planet and the societies in struggle for their democracies, Social media will play a decisive role in the framework of information and communication, new providers of video, cloud computing and analysis systems will be launched on the market, While advertising will continue to specialize in hyper segmentation in order to achieve greater visibility, this being its main added value and differentiator from the competition, only accessible through quality and innovation. We are moving towards a future in which social media will lead to new paradigms through which companies will use not only as a showcase, but mainly as an inexhaustible source of information, their presence on social networks, establishing real dialogues that modify all processes brand operations.

The penetration of the mobile Web also modifies the way of communicating, video acquires a great relevance as part of what is known as new content Communities become even more dynamic and applications will be included that will facilitate communication. Finally, tools will be included through which the definition of ROI becomes more tangible and efficient.

And if all these variables speak of a maturation cycle that has not yet been completed, even more so is the always thorny and burning aspect of privacy, a concept that increasingly modifies its definition from being secret and obscure, to open and public, focused solely on trust, reputation and quality, and being evaluated more from an ethical perspective, not less if we think that in the social cycle, it is ethics and common sense that decide the designs of those who They build communities. Privacy and security are defined with ethics and quality, which will perhaps mean the culmination of the maturation process of social networks. it is not known for sure what will happen with twitterDespite its multiple modifications and functionalities, the social network is not completely accepted by brands, a lack of understanding seems to be the main challenge that Twitter faces. It is very possible that it will evolve from what we know today since if not, it will lose its current virulence, hand in hand with the multiple applications and tools developed on the occasion of the rise of the mobile Web, mainly aimed at facilitating interaction and with it. , the purchasing processes, through providing emotions to the online shopping experience, the evolution of social media will focus on achieving the union of each of the local networks that will make up the global one, each time with more dynamism and each more efficient time.