WikiCancel, where we all collaborate informing how to close accounts on the web

A few days ago we made you a list of websites that offer information related to the closing web accounts. With them we can find help when canceling our account on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc. always depending on the administrators of said sites keeping the data updated with the latest closing policies of each website.

The fact is that in these cases there is nothing like citizen collaboration, there is a Wiki at where we can all update the existing information.

Without much spectacular design, they get straight to the point: what service do you want to close and what do you have to do, using a system similar to Wikipedia when updating data.

They comment that on some occasions they will block the possibility of updating to avoid content with a different objective than that proposed by the project, something that, precisely at this time, is happening.

The idea is not only to show how to close accounts, there is also information on how to delete our email from sites like Groupon or how to cancel the contract with some companies in the United States, as indicated in lifehacker.

Unfortunately, nothing in Spanish will be a matter of making our own WikiCancela.