Wikihood - WikiPedia and Google Maps working together

Wikihood – WikiPedia and Google Maps working together

When two good tools are intelligently combined, they result in a new utility that will surely be of interest to many people. An example of this is Wikihood, an application that was created by combining the well-known tools Google Maps and WikiPedia, all in order to offer more complete information to users. The objective of Wikihood is that visitors can see on their right a map (from Google Maps) of the whole world, being able to zoom and approach the region that interests you. In this way, upon reaching a certain location, the system automatically searches for related entries in WikiPedia, presenting a brief review of them and their link on the left of the screen. In addition to being able to search through the map, it is possible to perform a search by typing in the name of a city, or cite some event (a battle for example), so that Wikihood will be in charge of showing us the location of the request and, at the same time, the information that has been found in WikiPedia about it.Keep in mind that in addition to its web version, Wikihood is available for the iPad and iPhone.Link: Wikihood | Go Freetech4teachers