Wikipedia Beautifier - giving Wikipedia a beauty touch-up

Wikipedia Beautifier – giving Wikipedia a beauty touch-up

As most of you already know, Wikipedia has earned a space in our everyday sites of interest so much that it enjoys being among the ten most popular consultation websites in the cloud for its vast information, but that does not remove the fact that its design be a bit neutral without so much color or specific order. But these types of aspects are things of the past with the extension for the Google Chrome browser called WikipediaBeautifier which changes the panorama, since it focuses us on what is important to us than the content, showing it in a more attractive way to the human eye. . It shows you the menu options as long as you pass the pointer to the left side of the screen, in this way all your attention is focused on the content you were looking for and the other elements continue to exist but as I told you in a hidden way, the concept of encyclopedia is reinforced with this new design, the sources are not left behind in this change, all this is in function of significantly improving the visualization of the content. The inspiration lies in Readability, I invite you to try this wonderful extension so that as a good reader you can experience the improvements of this new Wikipedia. Link: WikipediaBeautifier | Goes