Wildcard Releases New Version Focusing More on the News Consumption Experience [iOS]

In the middle of last November we introduced you to the Wildcard mobile application (not to be confused with another existing mobile application under the same name), which worked as a web browser showing the contents of the different websites that have been accessed in card format. According to Jordan Cooper, CEO of the company, the version released last winter was simply a proof of concept to determine the best way to display content on mobile devices based on the reactions of users themselves to applications that use the card format.

With all that they have been able to observe so far, it has been more than enough for the launch of Wilcard version 2.0 with a totally different approach, becoming a mobile news reading application, which offers users relevant news for which will combine different sources of different types, being able to find articles, blog posts, tweets, images, videos, among others, for the same news. Wilcard intends with the new update to reach users in general, but above all, those who use Twitter and Facebook as information platforms, offering them a more news-focused alternative, both in their selection and in their presentation on screen.

And it is that, considering that mobile devices are also devices that allow the reading of the news that interests users, Wildcard wants to have a presence in this segment by offering them an option that combines technology and design for personalized consumption of news, adding more depth to them.

Wildcard, focused on users over 17 years old, is available for free on the Apple App Store for iOS devices from version 8.0 onwards.