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Windows 10 IoT Core is available, initially, for the Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft talks about the immediate availability of the new Windows 10 IoT Core, one of the 7 editions in which Windows 10 is offered and characterized by its focus on small devices, with or without a screen, particularly those connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The Raspberry Pi 2 and theMinnowBoard Max are the first computers on which the new operating system works.

The biggest news compared to its test versions are in being able to take advantage of the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity of the equipment, better support when coding in Python and Node.js there is a new template in the latter- and a new API platform Universal to control details such as connection and location.

As for open source, Microsoft recommends going to GitHuby for to see and take advantage of the first code projects implemented by the company together with the community of IoT users; Included in the list are a potentiometer, a weather station, audio and video capture tools, a mini Rover, a navigator, a LED screen and an air hockey table that is automatically played with touch controls.

To start developing for Windows 10 IoT Core, it is hardly necessary to have Windows 10 (Build 10240) and Visual Studio 2015 installed on it, that is, it stands out that IoT Core is designed to work with multiple open source languages. The development center is the best starting point to learn more about the system.

More information: Windows 10 IoT Core Development Center | Windows Official Blog