Windows 10 will offer support until 2025 and updates will be mandatory at Home

Few days are left for the long-awaited release of Windows 10 and this week, with the release of Build 10240, the part of the previous development of the system ended.

Well, a couple of important news have been noted in this final version that surely will not have major changes compared to the one that will reach millions of computers on July 29. It's all about Windows 10 updates and long-term support.

For Windows 10 Home, everything points to applying a system of automatic updates without the possibility of deactivating them because in the terms of the OS license the default download and installation will be accepted, in fact, you can hardly configure the time of the subsequent restart.

Windows 10 Pro does have an option to have some control over the process of installing updates, for example, postponing them, but not being as comprehensive as the enterprise versions of Windows 10 will enjoy. The question then arises: need to be alarmed?

The answer to the latter tends to NO as automatic security updates are already present in Chrome OS, Firefox, iOS and other systems, so they are not something new and go hand in hand with Microsoft's recent approach to offer Windows as a service. In addition, they could be lighter and faster.

On the other hand, it has been confirmed that the official support of Windows 10 will stay for 10 more years, until 2025, but only until 2020 will get updates on features; From that year on, only security updates will be released.

Sources and more information: ArsTechnica and Neowin