Winners of the Edublogs Contest ¬ęMaking knowledge more and more free¬Ľ

Yesterday the winners of the 2nd were announced. Edublogs contest making knowledge increasingly free, developed within the framework of CLED 2010. It should be noted that all edublogs were evaluated by a panel of experts based on the following parameters:

* Originality and style of published articles * Resources offered (Links, materials, programs, etc.) * Use of Web 2.0 tools (podcast, video, online gallery, repositories, etc.) * Proposed activities for students * Proposed activities for the teacher * Reference to bibliographic resources and / or electronic sources (within posts or entries) * Didactic utility (Allows the teacher to use it as a complement to the class) * Promotion of reflection on teaching practice * Application of teaching strategies with the Web (WebQuest, Treasure Hunts, guided searches, online activities, web 2.0 tools.) * Relevance and relevance of the blog content * Innovation of educational proposals, posts and / or content * Aesthetics Graphic design Appearance * Frequency update (Shows the dedication of time by the author (s)) * Participation of collaborators Comments Visits (Shows the interest of visitors in the content and proposed activities)

Below is the list of winners for each category:

Edublogs Award 2nd. Edition CLED 2010