Wonpy, a tool to get SEO keywords from Google Ads

SEO is one of the key elements to attend to to generate a greater impact with a website, since its correct use can influence a better positioning within the search engine results.

If you usually work with Google Ads campaigns, there is a tool that can help you improve your search engine ranking. This is Wonpy, a platform that is responsible for suggesting the most appropriate keywords to use, based on the data generated by the activity of your advertiser account.

An advantage offered by this service is the possibility of taking advantage of its functions without necessarily mastering advanced notions about SEO or digital marketing. Through the use of automated tools, Wonpy takes care of making suggestions as accurately as possible.

To access this tool, all you have to do is register with it, and then link the Google Ads account used to manage the ads. The link between these services is guided step by step and is done safely, through the API provided by Google. The permission, which can be revoked at any time, provides read-only access to key information in your ads, without compromising personal information such as password or other data.

After completing this first setup process, which should take a minute or two at most, Wonpy’s algorithm will be able to automatically begin to identify a series of low-competition, SEO-proven keywords with a volume of significant search and with the highest possible profitability index.

As an element that adds value to the service, Wonpy does not query the same databases that are used in other keyword search tools. This allows access to a series of tags that may not be present in keyword research reports from other sites of your direct competition.

Thanks to the automation of many of its functions, this platform does not ask its users to constantly supply new initial keywords, to use as a basis for new searches. When monitoring Google Ads campaigns, the discovery of new keywords will run on its own.

Additionally, Wonpy guarantees its users that their work is based on the use of proven metrics and not estimates. This data includes the clicks, CTRs and conversion rates that this service collects from the records linked to your website.

Digging deeper into its mode of operation, this service calculates the difficulty of keywords considering several elements at the same time. Aside from the results currently returned by search engines (SERP), the evaluation of the organic strength of the web content is also part of its formula. In addition, the data obtained from Google Ads campaigns contains terms obtained from search trends.

Another interesting option is the possibility of hiring writers with SEO training for the elaboration of articles optimized to improve the positioning of the web. An alternative to spice up your site if you have the resources and lack the time or inspiration to try it on your own.

This tool was created by the team of the Colombian digital marketing agency Trafiko, which is also a Google Partner.

Wonpy offers a free keyword search. To access it, you need to register on the platform from wonpy.com.