WP4FB - Create Facebook Pages with a WordPress Theme

WP4FB – Create Facebook Pages with a WordPress Theme

Whether to make a site known or to promote a product, Facebook pages They are increasingly used, both by companies and individuals. For this reason, complementary tools are often needed to design a better page model, or to add administration functions. Being one of these applications, WP4FB gives us access to interesting functionalities that will make it possible to design more personalized Facebook pages, making them look similar to that of a blog, all through the use of WordPress themes on the social network.When using WP4FB, we will immediately include a second application called Fan gate, which in a very simple way will allow us to make differences in terms of access to the contents of our Facebook page. In this way, we will be able to ensure that only those who have clicked on Like can view all the material on the fanpage, while those who have not yet done so, see that it is a requirement to have full access. on the official WP4FB website, the procedure for create and manage Facebook pages as easy as WordPress consists of only three easy steps to perform and totally free. Link: WP4FB