wualapp, a platform for buying and selling mobile application code

If you are programmers, you play a project on iTunes or Google Play, and you no longer have a way to continue with it (due to lack of time or motivation, for example) now there is an option that may be interesting to you:

It is a platform that was born in Spain to allow any programmer (company or individual) to sell the source code of their apps to other people or companies that are interested in the acquisition. It is possible to sell the rights to the apps, as well like existing users, number of downloads, comments, ratings … it is a complete change of ownership, with transfer of copyright and intellectual property, as well as the benefits it is generating.

In WUALAPP they are responsible for offering a source code deposit service and the possibility of managing the entire sale process, with legal protection to avoid problems during the transfer.

The goal is to allow other developers to buy entire communities of users in applications that are already working, allowing not to start from scratch and improve the project with new resources.

On its main page we can already see some titles with prices that vary a lot (there are some of 300 euros and others of 21,000, always indicating the downloads made in the last 30 days).

A truly original proposal that can revive many apps stopped due to lack of dedication.