Xbox One already allows streaming games to devices with Windows 10 installed

With the arrival of Windows 10 (scheduled for next July 29), Xbox One users will be able to start using a new and interesting feature that the Microsoft team has just enabled: the ability to stream games from Xbox One to devices with Windows 10 installed.

As we have been able to read in a recent post published on Major Nelson's official blog, the streaming of games has already left the testing phase and It is available to all users who have an Xbox One and a Windows 10 computer or tablet installed. Thanks to this new feature, users of both products will be able to play Xbox One games via streaming on their computer, despite not being in front of the console. Overall, the operation of this new feature promises to be fairly straightforward. In fact, it will simply be necessary to activate the streaming of video games from the Settings> Preferences menu on the Xbox One. It will also be necessary to have the latest version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 and add the console from the Connect menu of the application . When everything is configured correctly, the console will receive a notification indicating that a streaming session has started. The Xbox team has taken the opportunity to incorporate a number of new features in the latest version of the Xbox app. On the one hand, we highlight the Inclusion of a group chat with which Xbox users will be able to converse both with those who are using the console and with those who use their computer through the Xbox app for Windows, being able to speak both inside and outside the game. On the other hand, it is now also possible to share locally stored video clips with other users. Finally, Microsoft has improved the design of Home, in addition to offering additional ways to customize your avatar and profile.

Source: Major Nelson