Xing partially closes its activities in Spain

Xing partially closes its activities in Spain

Apparently the social network of professionals Xing has not been able to with the competition of LinkedIn in Spain or with the growth of Facebook … today the closure of its office in the country is announced.

If we look at the charts of Alexa comparing the two platforms we see that, from a global point of view, LinkedIn has not stopped growing, while Xing seems to have stagnated for a long time.

In the words of Carlos Blanco, who analyzes the situation:

When Xing had not yet incorporated the users of Neurona and eConozco it could really be a useful and qualitative platform, but as soon as he incorporated those users (especially those of Neurona) it became a nest of spammers. In total, almost 10 million euros will have been spent on acquisitions and market management in Spain without obtaining the results obtained.

On the other hand, I cannot stop commenting on the situation of Edgar Sanchez, who left a position on Yahoo! Dublin to work in Xing Espaa just a few days ago. Comment on his blog:

With this closure Xing Espaa will lose the differentiating element compared to its competition since all marketing, communication, customer service and Community Management will be carried out centrally and I understand much less personalized from the company’s headquarters in Hamburg.

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