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Yahoo News Digest, multi-thematic and global news app, reaches Android tablets

One of the strongest points of Yahoo has always been the distribution of news, particularly for its global work and for the coverage of different categories of interest: Science, Politics, Sports, Health, Economics, Technology, etc.

Well, for such a distribution not only was its web version renewed a few months ago, but it was even launched into a specialized application called Yahoo News Digest that from Android and iOS mobiles allows you to keep up to date with the latest news on the aforementioned topics.

The app has recently been optimized to enrich your experience on the large screens of iPads by providing a new, interactive and personalized digital magazine-style interface, and that change is also present today on Android tablets:

The optimized version, like its sisters, offers the latest news or stories at the time the user wants to digest them; Each story is generated from what is captured from multiple trusted sources and with different multimedia + content (videos, infographics, quotes, maps, etc.). The big difference is that the landscape-type screen brings to life a better use of such formats.

In short, just install the usual Yahoo News Digest app for Android, being able to recognize the size of the screen and thus present the appropriate interface.

It is worth mentioning that, although Yahoo News Digest comes with an edition International together with those specialized for the public of United States and United Kingdom, for now it is only offered in the language of these last two regions: English.

Link: Yahoo News Digest on the Play Store | Goes: Official Yahoo Blog