Yahoo!  will close delicious

Yahoo! will close delicious

Update: Yahoo! has communicated not to close it, but to try to sell it.

It took me a few minutes to react after reading the news on Techcrunch. Delicious, the largest social bookmarking site, which has served as the inspiration for the creation of hundreds of clones, will be shut down by Yahoo! coming soon.

There is still no official statement, although in the image above you can see that delicious appears in the column of the next projects that will die, along with Yahoo! Buzz, among others.

They confirm it on and they do it officially on Yahoo with the following comment:

Part of streamlining our organization is to cut our investment in underperforming products or out of strategy to put more attention on our strengths and innovation for the next year and beyond.

We continually evaluate and prioritize our portfolio of products and services, and we plan to close some products in the coming months, such as Yahoo Buzz, our API traffic, and others. We will communicate specific plans when necessary.

For me it means that the second largest source of information for WWWhatsnew is closed. After the email, it is in delicious where I find most of the material that appears here. The thousands of links that are kept in delicious are the ones that help me to find new projects. Currently I am subscribed to the top 100 of delicious, to the channel of tags that use social network, web 2.0, startup, tool … there are more than 2000 daily links that I review daily from delicious to filter the most interesting and write it here …

Bad news for those of us who love information … unfortunately Yahoo! it has not been able to find a suitable business model for this system.

To export your links follow the indication that circulates on Twitter. Prepare an article on the alternatives to continue enjoying our favorite links in the cloud.

Update: Here you can see the alternatives to delicious that allow you to import your links.