Yes, private detectives can now be hired online

Another market that is beginning to take steps to go digital: that of private detectives.

The classic phone in the newspaper ads section comes to life on a website called trustify, a site featured today in producthunt where, only in the United States, a private detective can be hired to resolve issues of all kinds: suspicions. of theft in the company, deceit, harassment, scams …

It is not yet an ideal platform, it has several points that could be improved:

– The detective's contract is still made by phone, you cannot make the request and obtain the budget or the hourly price directly from the web – The case is monitored by instant messenger, and the platform helps to approve the possible hours extra work, but there is not a complete case file with all the investigated data available on the web.

It is clear that both problems seek the privacy of information, reducing the risk that data ends up in unwanted hands (which would be fatal in such a portal), so it seems that we are still in a category that will take a long time to modernize completely.

Detective profiles appear on the web, where it can be seen that there are information security specialists, people with experience in cybercrimes.