YouTube Gaming

You can now try YouTube Gaming on Android, the new Twitch competition

It is already possible to test YouTube Gaming, a special version of YouTube offered as a standalone application with features for gamers quite similar to those of the Twitch portal where gamers from around the world gather to post and review game streams of their favorite titles.

Of course, although in the Play Store it has barely appeared for selected markets as we mentioned previously, it is already possible to download its APK to install it on any Android mobile without having to be present in such locations. In short, there are several striking functions that invite you to give it a try.

For starters, the content availability of tens of thousands of video game titles, since trailers, Reviews and basic guides to live broadcasts, with chat included, generated by renowned channels. Customization does not take long so there will be suggested selections for each user.

That in general terms because the app is characterized by three main tabs:Games, with lists of popular and recommended games, each with a link to its own page where you can get its synopsis, release date, gameplays related, live posts and community playlists;

Feed and Channels, the remaining pair of tabs, will contain a compilation of user-recommended posts and a collection of specialized video game channels (PewDiePie, Machinima, IGN, etc.) to follow instantly. By the way, there is a button to import the channels already followed on YouTube.

Its rich search engine complements the range of possibilities that will show suggestions of existing video game pages as you type.

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