Google Photos

You can say goodbye once and for all to Google+ Photos as it will disappear in August

The expected end of Google+ Photos (or Google+ Photos) already has a date: the next August 1. With this, those who have become accustomed to such a management and editing tool within Google+, will have to say goodbye once and for all to it because it will go down in history to open space for Google Photos (Google Photos) who since May of this year It has been offering the same functions as Google+ Photos but with the big difference that it comes within a separate app.

So, if you want to continue having automatic backups, the editor that improves photos automatically as well as allowing manual changes with a set of quick tools for intuitive use and the option to create multimedia content with previous photos (GIFs, collages, stories, etc.), you will have to install the Google Photos app who will also provide you with more types of animations, infinite storage and a much more effective organization method which includes even recognition of faces and objects.

Sure, that's suggested, but it's not mandatory so if you don't want to even try the new application, you should simply find out that from August 1, first on Android and then on iOS and on the web too, you won't be able to manage your videos and photos on your mobile devices as usual. Of course, they will never be in danger of being removed because you can always download them from Google Takeout and in any case have them from the Google Photos website.

Link: Google Photos website | Go: Google+ Profile on Google+