YouTube adds a new control to limit certain ads

Google is adding new controls for users to limit certain ads on YouTube.

A dynamic that also applies to Google, and that gives the freedom to cancel ads related to alcoholic beverages and gambling.

New controls to limit advertising on Google and YouTube

Although Google has certain filters and internal controls that limit the advertising of alcohol or gambling games, this new configuration wants to apply a different dynamic.

For example, Google can override these types of ads taking into account the restrictions that each country imposes, for example, age restrictions on ads for alcoholic beverages. But with this configuration, the user can have some control over this type of advertising and decide to avoid it.

And unlike other options offered by Google, which allows you to hide certain ads, this setting allows you to restrict an entire category. As you can see in the image, each ad category (alcohol and games) has individual controls, so it will be possible to limit both or only one of them.

This can be a valid option for those users who are dealing with an addiction and do not want to find offers of alcoholic beverages or links to gambling. This option will be implemented within Ad Settings, one of the sections that appear within our Google Account. In addition to explaining how ads are personalized and how you can control the ads displayed by Google, a new section on YouTube Ad Categories will be added.

On the other hand, a detail to keep in mind is that having this option activated will not permanently remove this advertising, it will only show a little less, as mentioned by the Google team.

In a first stage, this new configuration will be implemented with the ads that are displayed within the YouTube platform for users in the United States. But they plan to bring these new controls to everyone in 2021. A configuration that will be implemented in both YouTube and Google Ads.