Youtube and Netflix work together to integrate mobile with TV using DIAL

Youtube and Netflix work together to integrate mobile with TV using DIAL

The protocol, called DIAL and with its details explained on and Gigaom, it aims to compete with AirPlay by transforming our phones into more than just an information query terminal.

The idea is to allow developers to integrate this system to increase interaction between mobile apps and smart TVs, an effort that is already receiving the support of Samsung, Sony, Hulu, BBC and other greats in its category.

Netflix and YouTube have been working on this topic for some time. The two companies have contributed a lot, wanting to transform the mobile into a second screen, and now they have decided to join efforts to get a free solution that can take away from the well-known Apple AirPlay.

DIAL stands for discovery and launch, a protocol that can help improve the way applications are integrated. Nowadays, for example, a Netflix user can play a selected movie on their mobile phone on their PS3, but for this it is necessary to have both Netflix apps running, something that might not be necessary with the use of DIAL.

The idea of ​​competing with AirPlay is clear. Automatically detect devices so that the TV is a reflection of what is shown on the phone or tablet, even if that is only part of the solution. AirPlay also allows sending urls from the mobile to the TV, something that DIAL does not do at the moment, having a long way to go so that the solution can be compared at the same level. AirPlay cannot launch any application on Apple TV, and DIAL wants to work on that as well, as run web applications on TV, if the device supports it.

There are many promises, although with two giants like Netflix and YouTube behind the project, it seems that the future of DIAL promises.