YouTube Deploys New Control Features for Suggested Videos

YouTube has listened to users and, based on their demands, is starting to deploy new control functions that will allow them to better define the content they want to find both from the home page and from the Next section.

In this regard, the Google video platform has announced the launch of three specific changes that it is beginning to deploy to be completed over the next few days.

First of all, you're launching a new feature in which navigation through related videos and topics of interest will be facilitated, offering options based on the existing custom suggestions, both at the top of the home page and in the Next section, being able to be videos related to the ones they are watching, videos published in the channel they are visiting, or even videos that are related to the interests of the users themselves.

This new feature will initially reach users with accounts configured in English in the YouTube application for Android devices, and later reach the YouTube application for iOS, to the desktop, further expanding support for other languages.

Second, it is offering the possibility that users can indicate those particular channels from which they do not want to receive video suggestions. In this regard, simply touch the three-dot icon next to a video on the home page or in the Next section, and in the menu that appears, select the option Do not recommend a channel.

Although this will prevent receiving suggestions for videos from the specific channels indicated, the videos included in them will still appear, for example, if you subscribe to their channels, through searches, on specific visits to the channels themselves, since through the Trends tab.

YouTube notes that this feature is available globally in the YouTube app for Android and iOS systems starting today, and will soon hit the desktop as well.

And finally, YouTube will offer more information on why specific videos are suggested based on what other users with similar interests have seen before, offering that information in a small box below the video itself.

This last function is available from today worldwide in the YouTube application for iOS, and will soon reach Android and the desktop as well.

With these three control functions, YouTube hopes that users can have it easy when browsing the variety of content available on the platform, being able to quickly access content that they may be quite interested in.