YouTube has new rules for channels that create content for children

YouTube has new rules for channels that create content for children

YouTube published new rules that those channels that publish content for children will have to comply with.

This new dynamic to be implemented aims to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

One of the new guidelines requires content creators to report whether the content (both videos and channel) was created specifically for children, or if they represent only a secondary audience. They will have to carry out this classification with the new videos and with all the content already published in the channel.

YouTube has a section in its Help Center with a series of topics that help determine when content is considered for children. For example, those videos that have characters as protagonists or focus on the presentation of toys or children's themes.

In addition to the ranking that will have to be done by the creators, YouTube will use its algorithm to complement the work of the channels and the moderators. All videos rated this way will not be able to have personalized ads, nor other popular options on the channels as it will limit the interaction.

For example, they will not have a comment section and Likes or Dislikes will not be shown publicly. These rules will apply to all content creators, regardless of country of residence.

This change will begin to apply from January 1, 2020. Information will be shared in the YouTube Help Center and in the Community.