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YouTube hides the “dislike” count in its new experiment

YouTube has among its plans to launch a new test in the coming weeks, which aims to analyze what impact hiding the count of dislikes in videos can have.

It is not the first time that YouTube has focused on this option, analyzing the possibility of removing the Dislikes, although you have never removed it from the platform.

YouTube hides the dislike count

As the YouTube team mentions, they are testing different layouts on the platform that hide the video dislike count. The goal of this experiment is not to remove this button, as the idea is that users continue to use it as a way to express themselves in videos.

However, the amount of I don’t like is not visible to users, as you see in one of the designs shared by the YouTube team. The number of likes will be seen, but the I don’t like it will be without visible count for the audience.

Of course, this count will be visible to the owner of the channel, since it will appear with the rest of the interactions generated in the video, through YouTube Studio. Perhaps this new dynamic will deter trolls or decrease the number of users who dislike simply to add a negative count to YouTube videos.

This new system will begin to be implemented within the next few weeks with a small group of users. It does not seem likely that YouTube will decide to implement it permanently, since it has never taken action against the Dislike button beyond its intentions. But I could give you an idea of ​​how to deal with the negative consequences of this loot, and apply a dynamic that allows the existence of the Dislike without it becoming a tool of the trolls.

For the moment, it only remains to wait for the conclusions that the YouTube team will draw from this experiment.