YouTube updates the notification settings page

On YouTube there is no doubt that, at this point, we can enjoy the type of video content in which we are interested, having before us different offers to follow up on by subscribing to the respective channels to which they belong.

In this sense, as commented by GOS, YouTube has recently carried out an update on its notification configuration page in which from now on, we can indicate if we want to receive notifications of news that occurs in the channels in the that we are subscribed both by email, mobile or both.

We must bear in mind that when we subscribe to any channel in which we are interested, we must check the box that we have in order to receive all the notifications that occur, although in case we have forgotten to check the box of any channel in which we are already subscribed, we can go from the aforementioned page through the link that we have within Manage all subscriptions, where we can go channel by channel to activate this option.

Nor should we forget that through the YouTube application for Android and iOS mobile devices, we can define whether or not notifications can be activated, and in the first case, we can establish the type of notifications we want to receive.